General Rapid Photo Downloader Help

Have any questions? Try the documentation for the new 0.9 series of releases, or for the older 0.4 series.

Also look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more about translating Rapid Photo Downloader into other languages.

Getting Support

Make all support queries using the discussion forum at Please do not make private support requests to me by email unless you want to pay a fee (see below). The intent of this policy is not to make money, but to save time — I would rather answer a question once in public than have to answer the same question repeatedly in private.

Reporting Problems

Please feel encouraged to report any problem you find. By reporting any problems you find, you help improve the quality of Rapid Photo Downloader.

  • 1You can report a problem by clicking on the program's menu in the upper right corner of the main window, and choosing the menu item "Report a Problem", which opens this dialog:
    Report a Problem dialog
  • 2Check if a bug related to the problem has already been reported.
  • 3If it has not been filed already, file a new bug report.
  • 4Describe in detail what you expected to happen, and what you observed happening.
  • 5Include in your bug report the log files, which are found in the log directory ~/.cache/rapid-photo-downloader/log. You must include rapid-photo-downloader.log, but attaching the other log files is often helpful. You can open the log file directory by clicking on the link in the "Report a Problem" dialog window. If possible, please also include the configuration file found in the directory ~/.config/Rapid Photo Downloader/.
Paid Support

If you prefer personal, private support from me (the developer) for a fee, you can contact me by email for details.

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