Translate Rapid Photo Downloader

You are most welcome to translate Rapid Photo Downloader into your own language! Through your help, the program will become easier to use for more people. You will be mentioned in the translation credits in the program's About dialog window.

Translations are being handled by Launchpad's web-based service. All you need is a Launchpad account and a web browser. Learn more about this service.

Version 0.9 of Rapid Photo Downloader has more than 90% of its strings translated for:

  • 1French
  • 2Spanish
  • 3Czech
  • 4Serbian
  • 5Japanese
  • 6German
  • 7Russian
  • 8Hungarian
  • 9Dutch
  • 10Turkish

More than 25% of its strings are translated for:

  • 1Danish
  • 2Norwegian Bokmal
  • 3Swedish
  • 4Italian
  • 5Catalan

Translations are underway for:

  • 1Brazilian Portuguese
  • 2Ukrainian
  • 3Belarusian
  • 4Polish
  • 5Norwegian Nynorsk
  • 6Portuguese
  • 7Chinese (simplified)
  • 8Romanian
  • 9Finnish
  • 10Slovak
  • 11Kabyle

Translations have begun but need a lot of work for:

  • 1Occitan (post 1500)
  • 3Croatian
  • 4Indonesian
  • 5Estonian
  • 6Esperanto
Getting started with translating

First, if you do not have one already, you need an account with Launchpad. Set one up here. It's quick and easy.

Once you have created your Launchpad account, I suggest you tell Launchpad which languages you understand. This is optional but it makes things simpler. You can set this through your profile page. You should also join the project's translators team on Launchpad, so you can be on the mailing list.

Once you have set up your languages, go to the translations page for Rapid Photo Downloader. Here you can see which languages Rapid Photo Downloader has already been translated into, and the status of these translations. This is also where you can begin to make your own contributions.

You may find it helpful to consult the documentation if some of the program's features are unfamiliar or unclear.

Some things that need to be translated will include messages you may not have seen in the program before, such as error messages, or messages notifying that the user's preferences have been upgraded. The set of items that need to be translated include:

  • 1User interface elements like menu items, buttons and window titles
  • 2Error messages and warnings displayed in the program's error window
  • 3Command line output
Tips for translators who are unfamiliar with the Python programming language

Some of the text requiring translation includes some codes that have special meaning in the programming language Rapid Photo Downloader is written in, Python. These codes are very important to the successful operation of the program. If they are modified or left out, the program may crash. It is therefore essential that when you translate the application, these codes are not modified or removed.

At times, for the translation to make sense, the codes may need to be moved in the sentence. That is ok. This is the reason why you see the codes—it might be necessary to move the them in order for the text to be successfully translated.

This is a simple example of some actual text from the program, with the relevant codes highlighted in red:

<i>Example: %s</i>

The elements in red should not be modified or removed, but the rest should be translated. The elements <i> and </i> are used for formatting. They are HTML codes that make the text appear in italics. Formatting codes like this should not be moved, removed, or modified in any way.

The %s signifies to python that this is the place where some text will be substituted when the program is run. This should never be removed or modified, but it may be moved in the sentence if the translation makes more sense that way (for example, with a language written from right to left).

Here is a more complex example:

Source: %(source)s
Destination: %(destination)s
Error: %(errorno)s %(strerror)s

In this example, instead of a simple %s code, a name has been incorporated in each code element. For example, %(source)s contains the name source. As above, these codes should not be removed or modified, but they can be moved in the sentence whenever necessary.

If anything is unclear, then please feel free to contact the developer.

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