Installing Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.33
Installation — A Personal Note From the Developer

This project has only ever had one software developer. I developed a hand injury from typing while working on the code for the project in early 2022. As such code development is suspended until I recover, which will not be until 2024. The only exception is emergency patches. (Incidentally, I can use a voice recognition program running under Windows to write code; the problem is testing the code under Linux, which cannot be controlled using voice recognition.)

An script has been available for the past six years to install the latest version of the program. Unfortunately I can no longer maintain this script, given this serious injury.

The script is therefore depreciated and I do not recommend its use on anything but old Linux distributions.

Instead of using the depreciated script, I recommend installing the program using your Linux distribution's standard repositories.

To consult the legacy instructions for using the depreciated script, see the documentation.