General Rapid Photo Downloader Help

New to Rapid Photo Downloader? Try the documentation for the new 0.9 series of releases, or for the older 0.4 series.

Also look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more about translating Rapid Photo Downloader into other languages.

Discussion Forum

The most lively place to discuss topics related to Rapid Photo Downloader is at

Mailing List

Rapid Photo Downloader has a mailing list hosted on Launchpad, which has been around for some years but is hardly used these days. To sign up, join the Rapid Photo Downloader Users team on Launchpad. Once you have joined the team, you can add yourself to the mailing list. If you do not have one already, you need an account with Launchpad. Click here to set one up—it's quick and easy to join.

Reporting Problems

Please feel encouraged to report any problem you find. No software is perfect. By reporting any problems you find, you help improve the quality of Rapid Photo Downloader.

Launchpad is used to handle bugs:

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