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The latest version of Rapid Photo Downloader is 0.4.11.

Installation Instructions

Rapid Photo Downloader 0.4.11 runs on all versions from Wily Werewolf (15.10) to Trusty Tahr (14.04 LTS). Older versions of Ubuntu are not supported. It also runs on Ubuntu derivatives like Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

Installation under Ubuntu is an easy two-step process. First, setup the Personal Package Archive (PPA) used by Rapid Photo Downloader. Second, install Rapid Photo Downloader in the usual way — for example, through apt-get or the software center. Whenever Rapid Photo Downloader is updated, Ubuntu will prompt you to install it.

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Fedora was the first Linux distribution to include Rapid Photo Downloader as an offical package. If the packaged version is not what you are looking for, then you can follow the instructions below for Other Linux distributions.


Rapid Photo Downloader is packaged in Debian unstable and Debian experimental.


Starting with version 12.2, Rapid Photo Downloader is an official openSUSE package. It can be downloaded from openSUSE package directory.


Rapid Photo Downloader is an official package of Mageia.

Arch Linux

Rapid Photo Downloader is available in the [community] repository.

Other Linux distributions

Download the latest version of Rapid Photo Downloader.

If necessary, read these installation instructions.

Release notes
Version 0.4.11

October 22, 2015

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Updated Brazilian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish translations.
  • 2 Fixed crash on systems using the library Pillow 3.0.
  • 2 Updated AppData file.
Version 0.4.10

February 23, 2014

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Updated Catalan and Portuguese translations.
  • 2 Fixed bug in translations for term "Back up".
Version 0.4.9

January 21, 2014

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Updated Catalan and Spanish and Swedish translations.
  • 2 Fixed occasional incorrect use of term "backup".
Version 0.4.9 beta 3

January 20, 2014

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Added new feature to verify files as they are downloaded and backed up.
  • 2 Updated Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish translations. Added Catalan translation.
  • 3 Fixed packaging bug.
Version 0.4.9 beta 1

January 16, 2014

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Fixed bugs #1025908 and #1186955: Finalize fix for severe performance problems and crashes that arose from the combination of Gnome's GIO file functionality and python's multiprocessing. The solution was to remove GIO and replace it with regular python file processing. A nice side effect is that the program now runs faster than ever before.
  • 2 Fixed bug #1268291: Handle cases where filesystem metadata (e.g. file permissions) could not be copied when writing to certain file systems such as NTFS. The program will now consider a file is copied succesfully even if the filesystem metadata could not be updated.
  • 3 Fixed bug #1269032: When Sync RAW + JPEG sequence numbers is enabled, the program fails to properly deal with photos with corrupt EXIF metadata.
  • 4Fixed bug #1269079: Download failure when folder exists for only one of photo or video on auto detected back devices.
  • 5Updated Norwegian and Serbian translations.
Version 0.4.8

December 31, 2013

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Fixed bug #1263237: Added support for MPO files (3D images).
  • 2 Fixed bug #1263483: Some terms in the user interface are not being translated.
  • 3 Updated Dutch, French Italian, Polish and Spanish translations.
Version 0.4.7

October 19, 2013

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Added feature to download audio files that are associated with photos such as those created by the Canon 1D series of cameras.
  • 2 Fixed bug #1242119: In Ubuntu 13.10, choosing a destination or source folder from its bookmark does not work. The correct value is displayed in the file chooser button, but this value is not used by Rapid Photo Downloader. Earlier versions of Ubuntu were unaffected.
  • 3 Fixed bug #1206853: Crashes when system message notifications not functioning properly.
  • 4 Fixed bug #909405: Allow selections by row (and not GTK default by square) when user is dragging the mouse or using the keyboard to select. Thank you to user 'Salukibob' for the patch.
  • 5 Added a KDE Solid action. Solid is KDE4's hardware-related framework. It detects when the user connects a new device and display a list of related actions. Thanks to dju` for the patch.
  • 6 Added Belarusian translation—thanks go to Ilya Tsimokhin. Updated Swedish and Ukrainian translations.
Version 0.4.6

January 22, 2013

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Fixed bug #1083756: Application shows duplicate sources.
  • 2 Fixed bug #1093330: Photo rename ignores SubSeconds when 00.
  • 3 Updated German and Spanish translations.
  • 4 Added extra debugging output to help trace program execution progress.
Version 0.4.6 beta 1

December 3, 2012

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Preliminary and tentative fix for bug #1025908: Application freezes under Ubuntu 12.10. This fix should not be considered final, and needs further testing.
  • 2 Fixed bug #1023586: Added RAW file support for Nikon NRW files. Rapid Photo Downloader uses the exiv2 program to read a photo's metadata. Although the NRW format is not officially supported by exiv2, it appears to work. If you have NRW files and Rapid Photo Downloader crashes while reading this files, please file a bug report.
  • 3 Added Arabic translation. Updated Czech, Danish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish translations.
  • 4 Fixed missing dependencies on python-dbus and exiv2 in Debian/control file.
  • 5 Added extra debugging output to help trace program execution progress.
Version 0.4.5

June 24, 2012

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 To increase performance, thumbnails are now no longer displayed until all devices have finished being scanned. To indicate the scan is occurring, the progress bar now pulses and it displays a running total of the number of photos and videos found. If scanning a very large number of files from a fast device, the progress bar may pause. If this happens, just wait for the scan to complete.
  • 2 Fixed bug #1014203: Very poor program performance after download device changed. The program now displays the results of scanning files much quicker if the program's download device preferences are changed and a scan begins of a new device.
  • 3 You can now specify via the command line whether you would like to automatically detect devices from which to download, or manually specify the path of the device. If specified, the option will overwrite the existing program preferences.
  • 4 Added extra information to debugging output.
  • 5 Fixed bug #1014219: File Modify process crashes if program exits during download.
  • 6 Updated man page.
  • 7 Updated Dutch, Estonian, German, Italian, Norwegian and Polish translations.
Version 0.4.4

May 30, 2012

Changes and Bug fixes

  • 1 Fixed bug #998320: Applied patch from Dmitry Kazimirov for option to have subfolder generation and file renaming use a month in text format. Thanks Dmitry!
  • 2 Fixed bug #986681: Crash when showing question dialog on some non-Gnome systems. Thanks go to Liudas Ališauskas for the suggested fix.
  • 3 Fixed bug #995769: The Help button in the preferences dialog does not work.
  • 4 Fixed bug #996613: Updated Free Software Foundation address.
  • 5 Added Estonian translation. Updated Brazilian, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Spanish and Russian translations.
Version 0.4.3

January 7, 2012


ExifTool is now a required dependency for Rapid Photo Downloader. ExifTool can be used to help download videos on Linux distributions that have not packaged hachoir-metadata, such as Fedora.

Exiftran is another new dependency. It is used to automatically rotate JPEG images.

Updated Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish translations.

Bug fixes

  • 1 Fixed bug #704482: Delete photos option should be easily accessible. Added a toolbar at the top of the main program window, which gives immediate access to the most commonly changed configuration options: where files will be transferred from, whether they will be copied or moved, and where they will be transferred to. Please when the move option is chosen, all files in the download from a device are first copied before any are deleted. In other words, only once all source files have been successfully copied from a device to their destination are the source files deleted from that device.
  • 2 Fixed bug #754531: Extract Exif.CanonFi.FileNumber metadata. Added FileNumber metadata renaming option, which is a Canon-specific Exif value in the form xxx-yyyy, where xxx is the folder number and yyyy is the image number. Uses ExifTool. Thanks go to Etieene Charlier for researching the fix and contributing code to get it implemented.
  • 3 Fixed bug #695517: Added functionality to download MTS video files. There is currently no python based library to read metadata from MTS files, but ExifToolworks.
  • 4 Fixed bug #859998: Download THM video thumbnail files. Some video files have THM video thumbnail files associated with them. Rapid Photo Downloader now downloads them and renames them to match the name of the video it is associated with.
  • 5 Fixed bug #594533: Lossless JPEG rotation based on EXIF data after picture transfer. There is now an option to automatically rotate JPEG photos as they are downloaded. The program exiftran is used to do the rotation. The feature is turned on default.
  • 6 Fixed bug #859012: Confirm if really want to download from /home, /media or /. It is possible for the program's preferences to be set to download from /home, /media or / (the root of the file system). This can result in the program scanning a very large number of files, possibly causing the system to become unresponsive. The program now queries the user before commencing this scan to confirm if this is really what they want to do.
  • 7 Fixed bug #792228: Clear all thumbnails when refresh command issued.
  • 8 Fixed bug #890949: Panasonic MOD format and duplicate filename issue.
  • 9 Fixed a bug where the device progress bar would occasionally disappear when the download device was changed.
  • 10 Fixed a bug where the file extensions the program downloads could not be displayed from the command line.
  • 11 Fixed a bug where the program would crash when trying to convert a malformed thumbnail from one image mode to another.
Version 0.4.2

October 1, 2011

New Features and Changes

  • 1 Added feature in Preferences window to remove any paths that have previously been marked to always be scanned or ignored. These paths can be specified when automatic detection of Portable Storage Devices is enabled.
  • 2 Added option to ignore paths from which to download. You can now specify paths never to scan for photos or videos. By default, any path ending in .Trash or .thumbnails is ignored. Advanced users can specify paths to never scan using python-style regular expressions.
  • 3 You can now manually specify a path specifically in which to back up videos. This can be the same as or different than the path in which to back up photos.
  • 4 Added Danish translation, by Torben Gundtofte-Bruun. Updated Brazilian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish translations.

Bug fixes

  • 1 Fixed bug #838722: Wrong file types may be backed up to external devices. Fixed a bug when auto detection of backup devices is enabled, files of the wrong type might be backed up. For instance, if the backup device is only meant to store videos, and the download contains photos, photos would incorrectly be backed up to the device in addition to videos.
  • 2 Fixed bug #815727: Backup errors and warnings incorrectly displayed in log window. Fixed a bug that occurred when backing up errors are encountered, the log window did not display them correctly, although they were correctly outputted to the terminal window. This only occurred when more than one backup device was being used during a download.
  • 3 Fixed bug #859242: Crash when displaying a preview of file without an extracted thumbnail.
  • 4 Fixed bug #810559: Crash when generating thumbnail images
  • 5 Fixed bug #789995: Crash when --reset-settings option is given on the command line.
  • 6 Fixed bugs #795446 and #844714: small errors in translation template.
  • 7 Fixed a bug in the Swedish translation.
Version 0.4.1

May 19, 2011


Changes since 0.4.0:

  • 1 Added exif Artist and Copyright metadata options to file and subfolder name generation.
  • 2 Added the start of an Indonesian translation. Updated Brazilian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations.

Bug fixes

  • 1 Fixed bug #774476: thumbnails occassionally not sorted by file modification time.
  • 2 Fixed bug #784399: job code not prompted for after preference change.
  • 3 Fixed bug #778085: crash when trying to scan inaccessible files on mounted camera.
  • 4 Relaxed startup test to check whether pynotify is working. On some systems, pynotify reports it is not working even though it is.
Version 0.4.0

April 28, 2011

This is the first stable release of the 0.4 series. Compared to version 0.3.6, it sports a clean new user interface and runs very fast.


Features added since release candidate 1:

  • 1 Allow multiple selection of files to check or uncheck for downloading.
  • 2 Automation feature to delete downloaded files from a device.
  • 3 Updated Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian, Serbian and Spanish translations

Bug fixes

  • 1 don't crash when completing download with backups enabled and no backup devices detected.
  • 2 translation fixes.
Version 0.4.0 release candidate 1

April 21, 2011


Features added since beta 1:

  • 1 Backups have been implemented. If you are backing up to more than one device, Rapid Photo Downloader will back up to each device simultaneously instead of one after the other.
  • 2 Added preferences option to disable thumbnail generation. When auto start is enabled, this can speed-up transfers when downloading from high-speed devices.
  • 3 Thumbnails will be rendered during download when the Download button is clicked before all thumbnails have been rendered.
  • 4 Access to the preferences window is now disabled while a download is occurring,as changing preferences when files are being download can cause problems.
  • 5 Bug fix: don't crash when downloading some files after having previously downloaded some others in the same session.
  • 6 Updated Brazilian, Dutch, German and Russian translations.
Version 0.4.0 beta 1

April 10, 2011


Features added since alpha 4:

  • 1 Job Code functionality, mimicking that found in version 0.2.3.
  • 2 Eject device button for each unmountable device in main window.
  • 3 When not all files have been downloaded from a device, the number remaining is displayed in the device's progress bar
  • 4 Overall download progress is displayed in progress bar at bottom of window
  • 5 Time remaining and download speed are displayed in the status bar
  • 6 System notification messages

Additionally, the following automation features have been added:

Version 0.3.6

April 5, 2011


This release contains a couple of small yet important fixes for users of upcoming Linux distributions:

  • 1 It allows filename and subfolder preferences to be changed on Linux distributions like Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15.
  • 2 It also contains a small packaging change allowing it to be installed in Ubuntu 11.04.
  • Version 0.4.0 alpha 4

    April 4, 2011


    Fixed bug #750808: a critical packaging error that stopped the program from starting.

    Version 0.4.0 alpha 3

    April 4, 2011


    Features added since alpha 2:

    Other changes:

    • 1 Fixed bug #739021: unable to set subfolder and file rename preferences on alpha and beta Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 11.04 or Fedora 15.
    • 2 Updated Brazilian, Dutch, French, German and Spanish translations.
    Version 0.4.0 alpha 2

    March 31, 2011


    Features added since alpha 1:

    Other changes:

    • 1Updated INSTALL file to match new package requirements.
    • 2Bug fix: added program icon to main window.
    • 3Bug fix: leave file preview mode when download devices are changed in the preferences.
    • 4Bug fix: don't crash on startup when trying to display free space and photo or video download folders do not exist.
    Version 0.4.0 alpha 1

    March 24, 2011

    Rapid Photo Downloader is much faster and sports a new user interface. It is about 50 times faster in tasks like scanning photos and videos before the download. It also performs the actual downloads quicker. It will use multiple CPU cores if they are available.

    Rapid Photo Downloader now requires version 0.3.0 or newer of pyexiv2. It also requries Python Imaging (PIL) to run. It will only run on recent Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 10.04 or newer. It has been tested on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04, as well as Fedora 14. (There is currently an unusual bug adjusting some preferences when running Ubuntu 11.04. See bug #739021).

    This is an alpha release because it is missing features that are present in version 0.3.5. Missing features include:

    • 1System Notifications of download completion
    • 2Job Codes
    • 3Backups as you download
    • 4Automation features, e.g. automatically start download at startup
    • 5Error log window (currently you must check the command line for error output)
    • 6Time remaining status messages
    • 7Synchronize RAW + JPEG Sequence Numbers
    • 8Add unique identifier to a filename if a file with the same name already exists
    • 9Sample file names and subfolders are not displayed in the preferences window

    These missing features will be added in subsequent alpha and beta releases.

    Kaa-metadata is no longer required to download videos. However, if you want to use Frames Per Second or Codec metadata information in subfolder or video file names, you must ensure it is installed. This is no longer checked at program startup.

    Thanks go to Robert Park for refreshing the translations code.

    Version 0.3.5

    March 23, 2011

    The primrary purpose of this release is update translations and fix bug #714039, where under certain circumstances the program could crash while downloading files.

    Added Romanian translation. Updated Brazilian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Polish and Russian translations.

    Version 0.3.4

    December 31, 2010


    • 1You can now change the size of the preview image by zooming in and out using a slider. The maximum size is double that of the previous fixed size, which was 160px. On computers with small screens such as netbooks, the maximum preview image size is the same as the previous fixed size. Please note that Rapid Photo Downloader only extracts thumbnails of photos; for performance reasons, it does not create them. This means for some file formats, the thumbnails will contain jpeg artifacts when scaled up (this is particularly true when using a version of pyexiv2 < 0.2.0). For users who require larger preview images, this will be of little consequence.
    • 2When the "Strip compatible characters" feature is enabled in the Preferences (which is the default), any white space (e.g. spaces) beginning or ending a folder name will now be removed.
    • 3Bug fix: camera serial numbers are now stripped of any spaces preceding or following the actual value, which is helpful for those cameras that do not properly generate their EXIF information.
    • 4Fixed bug #685335: inaccurate description of python packages required for downloading videos.
    • 5Added Croatian translation. Updated French, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish and Russian translations.
    Version 0.3.3

    October 24, 2010


    • 1Added support for mod, tod and 3gp video files.
    • 2Hachoir-metadata is now used to extract selected metadata from video files. It has less bugs than kaa-metadata, and is better maintained. One benefit of this change is that more video file types can have their metadata extracted. Another is that the video creation date is now correctly read (the creation time read by kaa metadata was sometimes wrong by a few hours). Kaa-metadata is still used to extract some the codec, fourcc and frames per second (FPS) metadata.
    • 3Fixed bug #640722: Added preliminary support for Samusung SRW files. Current versions of Exiv2 and pyexiv2 can read some but not all metadata from this new RAW format. If you try to use metadata that cannot be extracted, Rapid Photo Downloader will issue a warning.
    • 4Fixed bug #550883: Generation of subfolders and filenames using the time a download was started
    • 5Fixed bugs related to missing video download directory at program startup.
    • 6Added command line option to output to the terminal information usesful for debugging.
    • 7
    • Version 0.3.2

      September 12, 2010


      • 1Added Norwegian Nynorsk translation. Updated Chinese, Finnish, Hungarian, Dutch, Occitan (post 1500), Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian translations.
      • 2Fixed crash on startup when checking for freespace, and the download folder does not exist.
      • Version 0.3.1

        August 13, 2010

        New features

        • 1Added Chinese (simplified) translation. A big thanks goes out to the Ubuntu Chinese translation team. Partial translations of Bulgarian, Japanese, Occitan (post 1500), Persian, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Turkish have been added. In the past only translations that were largely finished were added, but hopefully adding incomplete translations will speed up their completion. Updated Finnish, French, Hungarian, Russian, Serbian and Spanish translations.
        • 2The main window now works more effectively on tiny screens, such as those found on netbooks. If the screen height is less than or equal to 650 pixels, elements in the preview pane are removed, and the spacing is tightened.
        • 3The amount of free space available on the filesystem where photos are to be downloaded is now displayed in the status bar. (Note this is only the case on moderately up-to-date Linux distributions that use GVFS, such as Ubuntu 8.10 or higher).
        • Version 0.3.0

          July 10, 2010

          New features

          • 1 The major new feature of this release is the generation of previews before a download takes place. You can now select which photos and videos you wish to download.
          • 2 You can now assign different Job Codes to photos and videos in the same download. Simply select photos and videos, and from the main window choose a Job Code for them. You can select a new Job Code,or enter a new one (press Enter to apply it).
          • 3 The errors and warnings reported have been completely overhauled, and are now more concise.
          • Now that you can select photos and videos to download, the "Report an error" option in case of filename conflicts has been removed. If you try to download a photo or video that already exists, an error will be reported. If you backup a photo or video that already exists in the backup location, a warning will be reported (regardless of whether overwriting or skipping of backups with conflicting filenames is chosen).

            Likewise, the option of whether to report an error or warning in case of missing backup devices has been removed. If you have chosen to backup your photos and videos, and a backup device or location is not found, the files will be downloaded with warnings.

            For each device in the main window, the progress bar is now updated much more smoothly than before. This is useful when downloading and backing up large files such as videos. (Note this is only the case on moderately up-to-date Linux distributions that use GVFS, such as Ubuntu 8.10 or higher).

            The minimum version of python-gtk2 (pygtk) required to run the program is now 2.12. This will affect only outdated Linux distributions.

            Version 0.2.3

            June 23, 2010


            • 1Updated Swedish translation.
            • 2 Fixed bug #590725: don't crash if the theme does not associate an icon with the detected device.
            • 3 Bug fix: update example filenames and folders when Job codes are manually modified in the preferences window.
            • Version 0.2.2

              June 6, 2010


              • 1 Bug fix: in systems where exiv2 is not installed, don't crash on startup.
              • 2Added Ukrainian translation by Sergiy Gavrylov.
              • Version 0.2.1

                June 5, 2010


                • 1 Bug fix: display sample photo and video names in preferences dialog using first photo and video found on download device, where possible. This used to work but was inadvertently disabled in a recent release.
                • 2 Bug fix: prompt for Job code when only video names or video subfolder names use a job code.
                • 3 Bug fix: filter out Null bytes from Exif string values. These can occur when the Exif data is corrupted.
                • 4 Updated Spanish, Russian and Finnish translations.
                • Version 0.2.0

                  May 30, 2010


                  • 1 New feature: video download
                  • 2 New feature: thumbnails for Nikon RAW files, and other manufacturers whose RAW files include multiple thumbnails (requires pyexiv2 >= 0.2.0)

                  Video download

                  Videos can now be downloaded in much the same way photos can.

                  The package kaa metadata is required to download videos. ffmpegthumbnailer is used to display thumbnail images of certain types of videos as the download occurs.kaa metadata and ffmpegthumbnailer are optional. The program will run without them (it just won't be able to download videos). You can easily install them from your distribution's package repositories.

                  If a THM file with the same name as the video is present, it will be used to generate a thumbnail for the video. If not, if ffmpegthumbnailer is installed, Rapid Photo Downloader will use it to attempt to extract a thumbnail from the video. THM files are not downloaded.

                  For now, sequence values are shared between the downloads of videos and photos. There may be an option to have two sets of sequence numbers in a future release.

                  Due to the number of changes in the code, it is possible that regressions in the photo downloading code may have been introduced.

                  Other changes and fixes

                  This is the first release to use version 0.2.x of the pyexiv2 library. The most immediate benefit of this change is that thumbnail images from Nikon and other brand cameras can be displayed. This fixes bugs #369640 and #570378.

                  Please note pyexiv2 0.2.x requires exiv2 0.1.9 or above.

                  Rapid Photo Downloader will still work with pyexiv2 0.1.x. However it will not be able to display the thumbnails of some brands of camera.

                  If Rapid Photo Downloader detects version 0.18.1 or higher of the exiv2 library, it will download Panasonic's RW2 files. If it detects version 0.18.0 or higher of the exiv2 library, it will download Mamiya's MEF files. For Rapid Photo Downloader to be able to detect which version of the exiv2 library your system has, it must either be running pyexiv2 >= 0.2.0, or have exiv2 installed.

                  Other changes:

                  • 1 Fixed bug #483222: sometimes images could not be downloaded to NTFS partitions. This fix was a welcome side effect of using GIO to copy images, instead of relying on the python standard libary.
                  • 2 Error message headings in the Error Log are now displayed in a red font.
                  • 3 Program settings and preferences can be reset using a new command line option.
                  • 4 Program preferences are now more thoroughly checked for validity when the program starts.
                  • 5 Further work was done to fix bug #505492, to handle cases where the system notification system is not working properly.
                  • Version 0.1.3

                    January 22, 2010


                    • 1 Fixed bug #509348: When both the backup and "Delete images from image device upon download completion" options are selected, the program will only delete an image from the image device if it was both downloaded to the download folder and backed up. Previously it did not check to ensure it was backed up correctly too.
                    • 2 Fixed bug #505492: The program previously failed to start in environments where the notification system has problems.
                    • 3 Fixed bug #508304: The user is now prompted to confirm if they really want to remove all of their Job Codes after clicking on "Remove All" in the preferences dialog window.
                    • 4 Fixed bug #510484: Previously, the program could crash when attempting to download to a read-only folder.
                    • 5 Fixed bug #510516: The program now checks to see if the download folder exists and is writeable. If automatic detection of image devices is not enabled, it checks to see if the image location path exists.
                    • 6 Updated Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish translations.
                    Version 0.1.2

                    January 16, 2010


                    • 1New feature: photographers using RAW + JPEG mode now have the option to synchronize sequence numbers for the matching pair of images. This option is useful if you use the RAW + JPEG feature on your camera and you use sequence numbers or letters in your image renaming. Enabling this option will cause the program to detect matching pairs of RAW and JPEG images, and when they are detected, the same sequence numbers and letters will be applied to both image names. Furthermore, sequences will be updated as if the images were one. See the documentation for more details.
                    • 2 Increased maximum sequence number length to seven digits by user request.
                    • 3 Fixed bug #503704: changes in values for downloads today and stored number not updated when changed via program preferences while a download is ready to begin.
                    • 4 Added Serbian translation by Milos Popovic. Updated Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovak and Spanish translations.
                    Version 0.1.1

                    January 5, 2009


                    • 1 Added auto delete feature. When enabled, upon the completion of a download, images that were successfully downloaded will be deleted from the image device they were downloaded from. Images that were not downloaded successfully will not be deleted.
                    • 2 Added keyboard accelerators for Preferences and Help.
                    • 3 Added Dutch translation by Alian J. Baudrez. Updated Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovak and Spanish translations.
                    Version 0.1.0

                    December 7, 2009

                    Fixes and updates

                    • 1 Added icons to notification messages.
                    • 2 Updated Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish translations.
                    • 3 Bug fix: properly handle devices being unmounted, fixing a bug introduced in Version 0.0.9 beta 2.
                    • 4 Bug fix: When program preferences are changed, image and backup devices are now refreshed only when the preferences dialog window is closed.
                    • 5 Bug fix: Minutes component of image and folder renaming had the same code as months.
                    Version 0.1.0 beta 2

                    November 22, 2009

                    Fixes and updates

                    When detection of portable storage devices is selected, the program will prompt you whether or not to download from each device it automatically detects. You can choose whether the program should remember the choice you make every time it runs. This fixes bug #376020. See the documentation for more details.

                    Other changes include:

                    • 1 Fixed bug #484432: error in adding job codes via the preferences dialog.
                    • 2 Fixed bug #486886: Job code prompt can appear multiple times.
                    • 3 Updated Hungarian and French translations.
                    Version 0.1.0 beta 1

                    November 14, 2009

                    Fixes and updates

                    This code is ready for full release, but given the magnitude of changes, a beta seems like a good idea, simply to catch any undetected bugs.

                    • 1 Added a "Job codes" option. See the documentation for more details.
                    • 2 Added Czech translation by Tomas Novak.
                    • 3 French translation by Julien Valroff, Michel Ange, and Cenwen.
                    • 4 Hungarian translation by Balazs Oveges and Andras Lorincz.
                    • 5 Slovak translation by Tomas Novak.
                    • 6 Swedish translation by Ulf Urden and Michal Predotka.
                    • 7 Added additional hour, minute and second options in image renaming and subfolder creation. Thanks to Art Zemon for the patch.
                    • 8 Fixed bug #387002: added dependency in Ubuntu packages for librsvg2-common. Thanks go to user hasp for this fix.
                    • 9 Fixed bug #478620: problem with corrupted image files. Thanks go to user Katrin Krieger for tracking this one down.
                    • 10 Fixed bug #479424: some camera model names do not have numbers, but it still makes sense to return a shortened name. Thanks go to user Wesley Harp for highlighting this problem.
                    • 11 Fixed bug #482831: program no longer crashes when auto-download is off, and a device is inserted before another download has completed.
                    Version 0.0.10

                    June 5, 2009

                    Fixes and updates

                    • 1Russian translation updated by Sergei Sedov.
                    • 2Bug fix #383028: program would crash when using an automatically configured backup device and gvfs.
                    Version 0.0.9

                    June 2, 2009

                    New features and notable fixes

                    • 1Italian translation by Marco Solari and Luca Reverberi.
                    • 2German translation by Martin Egger and Daniel Paessler.
                    • 3Russian translation by Sergei Sedov.
                    • 4Finnish translation by Mikko Ruohola.
                    • 5A Help button has been added to Preferences dialog window. Clicking it takes you to the documentation found online at the program's website. This documentation is now complete.
                    • 6The Preferences Dialog window is now navigated using a list control, as it was in early versions of the program. This change was necesseary because with some translations, the dialog window was becoming too wide with the normal tab layout. Usability of the Preferences Dialog is improved: it will now resize itself based on its content.
                    Version 0.0.9 beta 4

                    May 26, 2009

                    New features and notable fixes

                    • 1Spanish translation by Jose Luis Navarro and Abel O'Rian.
                    • 2Bug fixes relating to preferences changes: changes to preferences are applied to downloads which have not yet started, and preference errors are now handled more effectively.
                    Version 0.0.9 beta 3

                    May 25, 2009

                    New features and notable fixes

                    • 1Added command line options for controlling verbosity, displaying which image file types are recognized, and printing the program version.
                    • 2Polish translation by Michal Predotka. Coming soon: French, German and Spanish translations.
                    • 3Minor fixes to logic that checks whether the Download button should be disabled or not. This should now be more reliable.
                    • 4The previous beta would sometimes crash when thumbnails could not be extracted from images. This has been fixed.
                    Version 0.0.9 beta 2

                    May 12, 2009

                    New features and notable fixes

                    • 1Direct download from some cameras. This version adds experimental support for downloading directly from cameras—it may not work with your camera. This is made possible through the use of the new gvfs library, provided by GIO, that exists in recent versions of Linux (a recent version of Linux is a must). The camera must also be supported by libgphoto2 in combination with gvfs. How to test this? If you cannot browse the camera's contents in a file manager (e.g. Nautilus), downloading directly from the camrea will not work until gvfs support is improved. If your camera does not work, trying changing the transfer mode in the camera from Normal to PTP—it is much more likely to work. Cameras not supported in normal mode currently include the Canon 300D and 20D.
                    • 2The program now starts more quickly and does not become unresponsive when scanning devices with a large number of images. This will hardly be noticeable by users that download from memory cards, but those who download from hard drives with hundreds of GBs of files will notice a big difference.
                    • 3The "image number" component of image renaming is more robust. Now, only the series of digits at the end of a filename are recognized as the image number (obviously the file's extension is not included as being part of the filename in this case). This allows takes in account files from cameras like the Canon 1D series, which can have filenames like VD1D7574.CR2.
                    • Diagnostic output

                      Please note that while every effort has been made to test this new release, significant changes have been made to the program's code, possibly causing regressions or new bugs. If you run the program from the command line, as a beta this version outputs additional diagnostic output which can often be very useful when reporting bugs. Please report any bugs you might encounter.

                      Version 0.0.8

                      May 1, 2009

                      New features

                      • 1Added Stored and Downloads today sequence numbers
                      • The stored sequence number is remembered each time the program is run. Downloads today tracks how many downloads are made on a given day. The time a day "starts" is set via a new preference value, day start. This is useful if you often photograph something late at night (e.g. concerts) and want a new day to "start" at 3am, for instance.

                      • 2The estimate of time remaining to download images is now much more accurate.
                      • 3Download speed in MB/s is now displayed in the status bar.
                      • 4Sequence number/letter selection in preferences is improved.
                      • 5Only allow one instance of the program to be run, and raise the existing window if it is run again. This is very useful when Rapid Photo Downloader is set to run automatically upon insertion of a memory card.
                      • 6The "exit at end of successful download" automation feature is added.
                      • 7When an image's download is skipped, the thumbnail is now lightened.
                      • 8A missing image icon is displayed if the thumbnail cannot be displayed for some reason. (See bug #369640 for why thumbnail images from certain RAW files are not displayed).
                      • 9Resize main window when an image device is inserted—it now expands to show each device that is inserted.
                      • 10A download cannot proceed if there is an error in the image rename or download subfolder preferences. Instead, a download error is indicated.
                      • 11Version 0.1.1 of pyexiv2 can now be used (an older version of the library code that is used to get information on the images, found in distributions like Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron).
                      • Known bugs

                        Please note that there is an known bug which can cause the program to become unresponsive when it is scanning a large hard drive for many images. This can occur on startup, inserting a new device, or changing the preferences. See bug #368098.